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Concrete Calculator

With our fleet of mixer trucks we can deliver the exact amount of concrete you need, and even pour the concrete straight in to the hole! So you benefit from:

  • Paying for exactly what you need
  • No extra mess to clean up
  • No surplus concrete to dispose of
  • A More flexible and convenient delivery process
  • Different mixtures from the same truck if required, when using volumetric mixers
  • Eliminated or reduced barrowing
  • Doing your bit for the environment

Please use the calculator to give you a rough idea of how much concrete you need. Feet and yards will be automatically converted to metres, the total is rounded up to the nearest half cubic metre.

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A Fast and Friendly Service

You can have anything from 1m³ upwards. It’s your choice based on what you need. We currently operate 10 vehicles, each capable of delivering up to 7m³ per load and we are expanding all the time. Recently, we have introduced a new fleet of barrel mixers which are now in operation.

We operate an out of hours service, thus saving the large expense of paying to have a batching plant opened on your behalf.

We can leave you a little or a lot – poured to perfection or in a heap, the choice is yours!

  • If you don’t want a pile of concrete, why not let us pour it into your pre-dug footing?
  • We can continue to pour, giving you the opportunity to start work on finishing.
  • Using our on-board chutes, we can achieve a maximum reach of approximately 7 metres from the rear wheels to the point of discharge, depending on site situation.
  • Our service and experience gives you great value and peace of mind.
  • We can cater for all sized orders nothing is too small and we have no limits on larger quantities.
  • We give expert advice which is bespoke to each individual client.
  • Our satellite sites across the counties make us more cost effective and fuel efficient.
  • We can even pour your concrete into your machine bucket, just ask!
  • We are proud to offer same day service as well as advanced bookings.
    With our volumetrics you pay for what you use with our barrels your pre order the quantities

Concrete Calculator

Our Fleet

The DK Concrete Fleet comprises of 10 modern plant vehicles with capacities of 8/9 Metres delivery. When you deal with DK Concrete, you will only ever discuss your concrete requirements with someone who is not only familiar with our products range, but who is also familiar with your particular requirements and have good local knowledge.