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DK Concrete Ltd are an independent, trusted, professional, and reliable family-run business that has been using volumetric trucks since 2005, we now have included in our fleet our barrel mixers.

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Ask a company for their certification so you have proof they are accredited

With accreditation you can have any mix you require without accreditation you are limited.

Always ask for a companies accreditation, that’s your concrete guarantee
You wouldn’t buy a TV without a guarantee , our concrete has its own guarantee!!!

Peace of mind

When it comes to supplying Ready Mixed Concrete DK Concrete Ltd offer a top-rate, first class service across the whole of Northamptonshire. Our service gives you maximum choice and flexibility to satisfy all of your requirements, as well as guaranteed by our kite marked accreditation with BSI.

It’s important that you use the correct product for your specific job, and there are many different mixes of concrete to choose from, including DK Trueflow, which is a self compacting concrete ideal for floors (although not to be confused with screed). DK Trueflow will enable you to fill void spaces without having to segregate. DK Trueflow creates an impressive non bleeding and smooth finish using less equipment and manpower increasing productivity. We are also able to provide mix designs and cube testing, if requested prior to delivery.

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What our clients say

What our clients say